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What are your favourite holiday destinations ?

To serve you better and to get the best deals for you, what are your favourite holiday destinations ?
What kind of deals you are looking for ?

Here are my favourites:

- Skiing in the European Alps in Winter

- Bathing, diving and windsurfing in a warm, windy spot somewhere south from spring to autumn
(ranging from Maldives to Red Sea to the Caribbean)

- Mountainbiking in a hilly area somewhere in Europe

- Hiking in the Mountains (Norway is very special, and I like Austria)

I am curious as to what you got for me...

Thanks for a great question!

First I want to tell you that I'm a big fan of the world traveler club. Great deals-especially the secret deals- and lots of useful travel information. Its something special.

My favorite destinations are mainly in Asia and I love the Indonesian island of Bali. On vacation, I'm looking for the right mix of water sports, culture, wellness, and a little party.

I am looking forward to further inspiration!

Quote from Joerg1 on 04/16/2018, 09:48

To serve you better and to get the best deals for you, what are your favourite holiday destinations ?
What kind of deals you are looking for ?

We are looking worldwide for nice places.

Being now on our way to Brindisi, Italy. This is followed by Tokyo next week.

Holidays are booked already in Thailand.

Anyhow we love to visit South Africa, India, China and America. 👍😎

I am in the middle of the - lucky but costly - phase of family holidays with two sweet, but demanding daughters.

So we are looking for great hotel or all-in deals within 3-4 flight hours from Germany - preferably south 😎

Anything in this direction is greatly appreciated.

Sidenote: Kids means we have to travel in high season during school holidays.
Any ideas how to save money or get better value even during high season?


Hi and,

that is really difficult. You should be early enough but we found always with a lot of time consuming research some destinations and deals. But this was before we hat WTC. Now its easier. But I would suggest Mallorca or Greece - or Croatia. Still a secret tip but they are growing.



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