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Safety in Egypt?

Hi there,

I used to go on fantastic diving/ windsurfing holidays in Egypt.

How do you consider safety in Egypt at the moment, in particular in the south (Marsa Alam region)?

Any advice?

Thanks in advance,

Hey Andi,  at the moment the situation in Egypt is safe.
But: There has been a rise in terror attacks in Egypt since the downfall of President Morsi in 2013.
So be carefully in crowds and public markets.   Be vigilant in cities, keeping clear of large public gatherings. Keep your passport and wallet in a safe place.
But I would travel to Egypt.
The greatest threat to you on your journey in Egypt will be to your intestines. Many people visiting the country suffer from some sort of intestinal trouble and for a variety of reasons, from unfamiliar diet and lack of hygiene to contaminated food and water.
In spite of all the media attention, crime in Egypt is still significantly less prevalent than in many Western countries.
Have a good trip to Egypt !!!


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