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Error Fares

ERROR FARE: Flights from Riga to BALI / MALAYSIA / MYANMAR / SINGAPORE / PHILIPPINES from only €254 (round-trip)
Ask us !

Summer flights from Hong Kong to Milan or Barcelona from just US$449 (round-trip)

What is an error fare?
Basically, an error fare is a glitch. Due to technical issues, or more often, human error, a product (such as an airfare) will turn up online for significantly lower than the regular price. That's what us TRAVELERS like to see!  BUT: THERE IS ALWAYS A RISK THAT THE AIRLINE MAY CANCEL AND REFUND THE TICKET. But we have some good experiance with some error fare flights.

Airlines and online booking sites run on pretty complex systems. With so many moving parts, glitches are bound to occur!

There are very important steps when booking an error fare:

  1. DO NOT contact the airline or booking website.
  2. Book as soon as possible.
  3. Book with a credit card, not a debit card.
  4. Do NOT book any other travel arrangements.

This is extremely important. Airlines don't like error fares or pricing mistakes. If you call or email the airline (e.g. to confirm), or otherwise them alert them about the error fare, there is a very high chance that they will correct the mistake, and cancel the bookings.
Using a credit card may help your payments go through quicker.
We strongly recommend waiting minimum 4 days to book a hotel, rental car, or other travel arrangements. There is always a risk that the airline will not honor the fare, amd you do not want to be stuck with nonrefundable travel bookings like hotels, etc.....
Good luck !

Sounds really smart, I will consider! Thank you for the great advice!


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