Top travel deals our member could grab in the past

World Traveler Club is dedicated to helping customers find the best possible travel deal or promotion. With all major travel companies in one place on the website and with state-of-the-art travel deal search engines called “Deal Scanners” providing all current travel deals from more than 300 providers and deal resources, travelers have a broad variety of offers to get latest deals, discounts, last-minute deals and save money at the same time. Travelers can find many special deals allowing them to save up to 85% on flights, cruises, hotels, cruises, and trips.

Here are just some of our top travel deals our member could grab in the past:

  • Fly to San Francisco from €85 € (one-way) from Dusseldorf & Berlin
  • From Barcelona to Muscat, Oman with Iberia for only €172 (round trip)
  • Fly nonstop from Switzerland to exotic Mauritius for only €288 (round-trip)
  • Fly from Italy to Tel Aviv from only €39 (round-trip)
  • Nonstop flights from the UK to La Romana and Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic from only £299 (rt)
  • From Scandinavia to Chicago or New York from just €278 (round-trip)
  • Nonstop from London to Goa, India from only £266 (round-trip)
  • From Switzerland to the Maldives for only €327 (round-trip)
  • Flights from Lisbon or Porto to Windhoek (Namibia) from €282 (round-trip)
  • Very cheap direct flights from Madrid or Barcelona to Canary Islands from only €10 (round-trip)
  • From Milan, Italy to Los Angeles, USA for only €326 (round-trip)
  •  Fly from Frankfurt (Germany) to Boston (USA) from only € 291 (round-trip)
  • Fly to Japan from Several UK cities from only £280 (round-trip)
  • From several European cities to Livingstone, Zambia from only €345 (round-trip)
  •  Lufthansa: Fly to California, Florida or New York from only €237 (round-trip)
  •  Nonstop: Fly from Moscow, Russia to Vladivostok (& vice versa) for only €246 (round-trip)
  • From London, UK to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for only £231 (round-trip)
  • Fly from Brussels to Mallorca for just €19 (round-trip)
  • From Dusseldorf, Germany NONSTOP to Cancun, Mexico for only €205 (round-trip)
  • Fly from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Toronto, Canada for only €221 round-trip
  • Fly from Copenhagen, Denmark to Boston, USA for only €241 (round-trip)
  • From Switzerland to exotic Mauritius for only €288 round-trip
  • HOT! Fly Switzerland to Madeira from just €18 (round-trip)
  •  Nonstop from Zurich to Cancun, Mexico for only €281 round-trip!
  • Direct flights from Paris to Miami for only €278 (round-trip)
  • and over 700 flight deals more, each day new!!

Business Class Deals:

  • Error Fare – Swiss Business Class: Fly from Geneva to London from €162 (round trip)
  • Business Class: From EU to USA and Canada from € 1,170 (round-trip)
  • Fly with Lufthansa in Business Class to Mexico City from €1,402 (round trip)!
  • Business Class: Geneva to numerous destinations in Asia from just €756 (round-trip)
  • Business Class: Fly from Milan, Italy to Jakarta, Indonesia for only €439 (one-way)
  • Business Class: From Denmark to Buenos Aires (Argentina) for only €1192 (round-trip)
  • Business Class: Fly one-way from Milan to Indonesia from only €427
  • Fly with Lufthansa in BUSINESS CLASS to San Francisco from €1,412 (round trip)!
  • In Business Class from Germany to the Maldives for €1,223 (round-trip)
  • Qatar Air Business Class Sale! E.g. to Johannesburg for only € 961 (round-trip)
  • Fly in Star Alliance Business Class from Sweden to North America from 962 €  (round-trip)
  • In Business Class from Berlin to Chiang Mai, Thailand from only €1313 (round-trip)
  •  Amazing Business Class Deal: From Switzerland to Asia from €787 (round-trip)
  • BUSINESS CLASS flights to Tel Aviv (Israel) for only €417 per person
  • In Star Alliance BUSINESS CLASS to Miami or Toronto for less than € 1100 (round-trip)
  • Fly in top BUSINESS CLASS from Hungary to China for only €963 (round-trip)
  • Fly in BUSINESS CLASS to Nha Trang, Vietnam for only €722 (round-trip)
  • In BUSINESS CLASS from Switzerland nonstop to Rio De Janeiro for only €1297 round-trip
  •  BUSINESS CLASS: Fly from Sweden to Australia for only €1659 (round-trip)
  • Business Class from London to Delhi, India for only £894 (round-trip)
  • and over 30 deals more, each day new!

AROUND THE WORLD: Start from London, UK to 4 countries around the globe from only £1073
AROUND THE WORLD: From London, to Singapore, New Zealand & Los Angeles for only £897 (round-trip)

Cruise Deals:

  • Cruise Deal: 4-night full board Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona from only €149 p.p.
  •  16-day full board cruise from Genoa to the Caribbean, Madeira and Tenerife for just €389 p.p.
  • 7 Night Southern Caribbean Celebrity Cruise from only USD 318 (full board)
  • 15 day cruise across the Atlantic with MSC Prezioza from just CHF 249 per person
  • Cruise Deal: 7 Night Alaska Cruises from only $229 on Norwegian
  •  HIT! 7 Night Caribbean Cruise for only US$ 209 per person
  • 4-Night Full Board Cruise from Spain to Italy for only €129 per person
  •  Enjoy an 11 Night Cruise trip with MSC Opera to the Mediterranean Sea from only US$ 359 p.p.
  • 8-Night Norwegian Cruise to the Bahamas from only US$ 299 per person
  • 7-Night Far East / Asia Cruise from only USD 374 departure from Singapore
  •  7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise from only US$ 199 per person
  • Cruise Deal: Sail 7 nights through the Alaska Seas from only $319 per person
  • 21-Night Full Board Cruise from Venice, Italy to Malta, Spain, Portugal & the Caribbean for only €549 p.p

Hotel Deals:

  • Qatar Airways Stopover program with FREE hotel accommodation
  • Stay at luxury 5* Corniche Hotel Abu Dhabi, UAE for only € 49 per night / room
  • Stay 3-nights in a suite at a top rated Hotel in Las Vegas – 66% Off
  • Top rated pool villa in Bali (Indonesia) for only € 87 (one bedroom pool villa) per night
  • Orlando Hotel Deal, 83% Off: 3 Nights in One Bedroom Suite from only $79
  • 4-star Hotel in Mykonos now available for only €42 per night / room.
  • Thailand Hotel Deal! Top rated Beachfront Resort in Khao Lak from only €57 per night per room (60% off
  • Hotel Deal: Top Radisson Hotel in Mauritius for only $142 per room / night. – 30% off
  • Stay at top rated 4-star Hotel in Bali for only €19 per night/room (78% off)
  • Puerto Rico: Stay at Beachfront Hotel in San Juan from only US$ 299 for 4-nights / suite. 65% Off
  • Discounted 4* Hotel on Miami Beach for only US$ 140 / night / suite (80% off)
  • Stay at 5* luxury seafront hotel & spa in Algarve for only €54 per room per night (25% off)
  • Daytona Beach: 3-Night stay at Best Western Castillo del Sol for only US$ 139 / room / 3-nights (65% off)
  • Thailand luxury hotel deal: Stay at 5* Sentido Khao Lak Resort & Spa for only €29/night/room (92% off)
  • Bangkok Hotel Deal: 5* Prince Palace Hotel from only €32 per night / room (87% off)
  • 4-Nights stay at top rated Beach Resort in Costa Rica for only $599 / room / All Inclusive (for the entire stay) 64% off
  • Stay at 5* luxury hotel in Dubai from only US$ 67 per room per night (49% off)
  • Luxury 5-star Los Cabos All-Inclusive beach resort, up to 74% off !!!
  • Stay in top-rated 4* hotel in Phuket for only 44 Euro per night / room  (30% off)
  • 4-Night All-Inclusive stay at Luxury Resort in Puerto Vallarta for only US$499 (77% off !!!)
  • Stay at top rated 5* Hotel in Kuala Lumpur for only $ 52 per night per room  (30% off)
  • 5* All-Inclusive Resort in Punta Cana from only US$ 599 / room for entire 4 day stay  (64% off !!!)
  • 4 nights at 4* luxury hotel & spa in Malta for only €91 / 103CHF (23€ / 21GBP per. night)
  • Sale: Save up to 35% at attractive Marriott hotels and resorts worldwide!
  • Hilton Flash Sale – Get 20% discount in selected US cities and Hawaii
  • Stay at 4* Beach Resort in Krabi, Thailand for only € 15 per night / room

You could grab every day over 50 latest hotel deals for woldwide stays in top hotels.


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