The secret to cheap airfares

Most of us love to travel and discover our inner explorer. How many times have you seen a breathtaking photo on Instagram of some idyllic island resort or a lazy European city cloaked in early morning fog, with the hashtag #Wanderlust beneath it? And seeing that we go ‘man I wish I could visit’, but more often than not our pocket doesn’t permit us to travel. All of us want to, but weighing the costs, we feel we shouldn’t. Granted some people travel the world as a hobby but most of us can’t. Airline tickets make up a significant portion of travel costs, and these are one of the primary reasons we keep putting off our dream trips. Well once you have read what we have to say, you’ll be traveling wherever you want as we’ll be giving several tips on how to acquire cheap airline tickets

Firstly, planning is key, and that means booking your ticket at least six weeks in advance. Data has shown that tickets can be bought for at least 7 percent below the average price if booked 6 weeks in advance. Besides this, you should always be on the lookout for deals, airlines post limited offers quite frequently, and these can include major cuts in prices. Check their websites, or better yet call them to see if they have anything on offer.

Second, there’s always a good time to fly. And this is normally the weekdays, if you fly on weekends, the prices go up as more customers are flying. The difference is substantial, by shifting your flight a couple of days early or late, you can expect to save a lot of money. For example, if you fly in the days leading up to Christmas the prices are sky high, but if you fly on the day immediately after the 25th, they’re almost down 40%. Of course sometimes you have to fly before certain holidays, in that case just book them months in advance. If you’re flexible with your schedule check which day is cheapest.

There’s also a cheapest time to fly. And that usually is in the early morning, meaning you’ll have to wake up around 4:00 a.m. Check for flight times which are the earliest, you may find a discount as less people are willing to fly out that early in the day.

Lastly, join a frequent flyer program. It does not cost anything (the basic version at least) and it earns you valuable points for flying. These accumulate and can be exchanged for tickets. The art of airline miles is a tricky one but once you get the hang of it, it can get you those tickets for free, especially if used wisely. Be sure to compare which frequent flyer program suits your needs – not all of them are created equal.

And of course in today’s web-driven world, you can easily compare and find cheap airline tickets online through a myriad of websites devoted exclusively for this purpose.

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