Platinum Member benefit: We create a page for you with the best flight deals from your chosen airport.

With extensive experience using advanced flight search engines, we search and find for our members the cheapest flights from any airport in the world.
For our valuable World-Traveler-Club Platinum Members we create sub-pages (URL) for any chosen airport with the best flight deals in the next 12 month.
The page will have about 100 flight deals (depending on the airport). What you will see is: destinations, the cheapest days to fly, prices, stops and distance.
The site will be updated every 3 days. So every 3 days the member can find new flight deals (for min. 1 year).
Members can save so much money by choosing the right flight deal.

How to get this site (URL) and the flight deals:

  • Register as platinum member here.  (Only € 39 per year, with so much more benefits)
  • Then send us here a message with your chosen Airport and your Platinum User-Name.
  • Loged in Platinum member have to send us here any major airport (Name, City, Country) or IATA Airport code.
    Like:  “LON, London UK”,  or “Sidney, Australia”.  Please provide us also your World-Traveler-Club user-name and membership level.
What you get:
You will get normally more than 100 flight deals, for all big airports in this world.
Smaller airports don’t have so much flights. So, please choose a big airport.
You can book through this site, just by click on the price and choose then the cheapest OTA.

Please note:
This offer is only for our Platinum members.
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