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  • Huacachina, Peru
    by Joe on 03/04/2019 at 01:07

    Pinned onto South AmericaHuacachina is a village built around a small oasis and surrounded by sand dunes in southwestern Peru. It is about five kilometers from the city of Ica in the Ica District of Ica Province. The oasis was introduced […]

  • Qatar – Islands
    by Joe on 02/02/2019 at 12:47

    Pinned onto Middle EastQatar is a country located in Western Asia, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Whether the sovereign state should be regarded as a constitutional or an absolute […]

  • False Bay, South Africa
    by Joe on 02/02/2019 at 12:39

    Pinned onto AfricaFalse Bay, South Africa Muizenberg Beach and False Bay The eastern and western shores of the bay are very rocky and even mountainous; in places large cliffs plunge into deep water. Notable peaks associated with the bay […]

  • Big Hole, Open Mine, Kimberley, South Africa
    by Joe on 02/02/2019 at 12:33

    Pinned onto Middle EastThe Big Hole, Open Mine, Kimberley Mine or Tim Kuilmine is an open-pit and underground mine in Kimberley, South Africa, and claimed to be the deepest hole excavated by hand, although this claim is disputed.   […]

  • Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
    by Joe on 02/02/2019 at 12:27

    Pinned onto AfricaCamps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa Camps Bay is an affluent suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. In summer it attracts a large number of foreign visitors as well as South Africans.           &nbs […]

  • Burj al Arab Hotel
    by Joe on 12/25/2018 at 11:00

    Pinned onto Middle EastBurj al Arab Hotel, UAE The Burj Al Arab is a luxury hotel located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the fifth tallest hotel in the world (although 39% of its total height is made up of non-occupiable space). […]

    by Joe on 12/24/2018 at 10:55

    Pinned onto AfricaThe World Traveler Club is a powerful traveler community with exclusive member benefits and ultimate travel deals. We constantly search for the best travel deals and offer and uncover the needles in travel haystacks. For […]

  • Lou Ruvo Center, Las vegas, Nevada, USA
    by Traveler1 on 11/12/2018 at 23:33

    Pinned onto USAThe Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health (LRCBH), officially the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, opened on May 21, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada that is operated by the Cleveland Clinic and was designed by the […]

  • Hoover Dam, Colorado River, Nevada, USA
    by Traveler1 on 11/12/2018 at 23:25

    Pinned onto USAHoover Dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between the U.S. states of Nevada and Arizona. It was constructed between 1931 and 1936 during the Great Depression and was […]

  • Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
    by Traveler1 on 11/12/2018 at 23:22

    Pinned onto USALas Vegas and often known simply as Vegas, is the 28th-most populated city in the United States, the most populated city in the state of Nevada, and the county seat of Clark County. The city anchors the Las Vegas Valley […]

  • Bora Bora Lagoon, Fench Polynesia
    by Traveler1 on 11/12/2018 at 23:14

    Pinned onto PacificBora Bora is a 30.55 km2 (12 sq mi) island group in the Leeward group in the western part of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, an overseas collectivity of France in the Pacific Ocean. Snorkeling and scuba diving […]

  • Palau in the western Pacific Ocean.
    by Traveler1 on 11/12/2018 at 23:07

    Pinned onto PacificPalau is an island country located in the western Pacific Ocean. The country contains approximately 340 islands, forming the western chain of the Caroline Islands in Micronesia, and has an area of 466 square kilometers […]

  • Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
    by Traveler1 on 11/12/2018 at 23:04

    Pinned onto AsiaHa Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and popular travel destination in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam. The name Hạ Long means “descending dragon”. Administratively, the bay belongs to Ha Long City, […]

  • Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany
    by Traveler1 on 11/12/2018 at 23:01

    Pinned onto EuropeNeuschwanstein Castle (German: Schloss Neuschwanstein) is a 19th-century Romanesque Revival palace on a rugged hill above the village of Hohenschwangau near Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany. The palace was […]

  • Coron, Palawan, Philippines
    by Traveler1 on 11/12/2018 at 22:54

    Pinned onto AsiaCoron, officially the Municipality of Coron is a 1st class municipality in the province of Palawan, Philippines. It comprises the eastern half of Busuanga Island, all of Coron Island and about 50 other minor islets […]

  • Malcapuya Island, Coron, Philippines
    by Traveler1 on 11/12/2018 at 22:50

    Pinned onto AsiaMalcapuya Island has probably the best white sand beach in all of Coron, Palawan. From Coron Port in Palawan, Malcapuya Island is an hour’s boat ride through deep blue waters. Your eyes are treated to glimpses of […]

  • El Nido, Philippines
    by Traveler1 on 11/12/2018 at 22:47

    Pinned onto AsiaEl Nido is the primary base for exploring Palawan’s star attraction, the stunning Bacuit Archipelago. Philippines […]

  • Taman Ayun Temple, Bali
    by Joe on 11/12/2018 at 10:42

    Pinned onto AsiaMengwi Temple, Bali The Taman Ayun temple one of the most attractive temples of Bali. It is situated in sittuated a beautiful park near Mengwi in the south of Bali. Map & Hotels in Bali: […]

  • Wat Rong Khun / White Temple, Chiang Rai, Thailand
    by Joe on 08/27/2018 at 21:20

    Pinned onto AsiaWat Rong Khun, perhaps better known to foreigners as the White Temple, is a contemporary, unconventional, privately-owned art exhibit in the style of a Buddhist temple in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand. It is owned by […]

  • Neasden Temple, Neasden, London, UK
    by Joe on 08/27/2018 at 21:00

    Pinned onto EuropeShri Swaminarayan Mandir (also commonly known as the Neasden Temple) is a Hindu temple in Neasden, London. Built entirely using traditional methods and materials, the Swaminarayan Mandir has been described as being […]

  • Avila, Castile and León, Spain
    by Joe on 08/27/2018 at 20:53

    Pinned onto EuropeAvila is a Spanish town located in the autonomous community of Castile and León, and is the capital of the Province of Ávila. It is sometimes called the Town of Stones and Saints, and it claims that it is […]

  • Mount Aso, Kyushu, Japan
    by Joe on 08/27/2018 at 20:35

    Pinned onto AsiaMount Aso is an active volcano in the center of Kyushu Japan. Its ancient caldera ranks among the world’s largest, with a diameter of up to 25 kilometers and a circumference of over 100 kilometers. In the center of […]

  • Bada Bagh, Rajasthan in India.
    by Joe on 08/27/2018 at 20:21

    Pinned onto AsiaBada Bagh, also called Barabagh (literally Big Garden) is a garden complex about 6 km north of Jaisalmer on the way to Ramgarh, in the state of Rajasthan in India. Overlooking a mango grove sits a set of royal […]

  • Niagara Falls, USA / Canada
    by Joe on 05/05/2018 at 15:28

    Pinned onto North AmercicaNiagara Falls is the collective name for three waterfalls that straddle the international border between the Canadian province Ontario and the American state of New York. They form the southern end of the Niagara […]

  • Lindos, Rhodes, Greece
    by Traveler1 on 04/23/2018 at 20:27

    Pinned onto GreeceLindos is an archaeological site, a fishing village and a former municipality on the island of Rhodes, in the Dodecanese, Greece. Nestling at the foot of a steep rock and beautifully surrounded by the sea lies the […]

  • Port Ghalib, Marsa Alam, Egypt
    by Traveler1 on 04/22/2018 at 23:01

    Pinned onto AfricaPort Ghalib is a waterfront premier integrated resort community situated on 18kms of virgin Red Sea shoreline. Near Marsa Alam in Egypt. Port Ghalib is an international destination, a premier integrated resort community […]

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