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World-Traveler Club Members have access to over 1000 amazing travel deals (flights, hotels, cruises, package tours, and more) updated every 4 – 12 hours.
As a Member of World-Traveler-Club you will enjoy the best that travel has to offer at rates, prices and fares that you never knew existed.

Our Deal Scanner crawls all major travel deal resources for you and presents them here!
As a World-Traveler-Club GOLD or PLATINUM member you will benefit from our awesome travel deal web scanners!
We have the best deals from Europe, Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, North America, Australia.  We have all Business Cass and First Class deals. We have Cruise deals, we have amazing hotel deals, and more…..
It is only here where you get access to the biggest travel deal resources worldwide. More than 700 travel deals per day (updated every 4 – 12 hours)! More than 7.000 amazing travel deals per week!
You gonna save valuable time searching and you will save so much money! Pack your bags and check-in!!

Our secret deals are exclusive for our GOLD and PLATINUM Members.
So don’t hesitate to subscribe our Gold Membership plan for only 29 Euro per year or to our Platinum Membvership for only 49 Euro per year.

With an average savings of €300 per ticket, the subscription actually does pay for itself.
The savings really start adding up when you’re traveling with other friends and family members as well.
You go on holiday for way less than you ever expected to spend on flights, hotels and cruise.  is the world’s first search engine to compare up to 120 leading travel deal recources for you.

Fly to Bangkok for only € 88 / In Swiss Business Class to the Caribbean for only € 1350 (RT)  / Top rated 5Star Hotels for less than € 50 per room per night /  7 Days Caribbean Cruise for only € 250 per pers. incl. full board / Fly to Singapore for only € 250 (RT) /  Flights to Mallorca for only € 9 (ow) / In Business Class to Bangkok for only € 890 (RT) /  and many more….

World-Traveler-Club has allowed many of our members the opportunity to travel to destinations they never thought possible.






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