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A long layover in Guadalajara, Mexico, could mean a boring stay at the airport…or an adventure in the city. Choose the latter and discover what to do in Guadalajara with only 24 hours to spare. Set your timer and get ready to take on the city before your next flight.

When you’re deciding what to see in Guadalajara, consider the city’s history. The first settlement in the region dates back to 1532, and its early days are still celebrated around town. Begin your romp in Plaza de Armas and marvel at the Guadalajara Cathedral. The city’s iconic structure was built between 1558 and 1616. In the same plaza, mosey over to the Government Palace and explore the Rotunda of Illustrious Persons, which honors distinguished people from the state of Jalisco. As the clock ticks, venture to the other nearby attractions, including the Templo Expiatorio and the Museo Regional de Guadalajara to get a better sense of the city.

During your next layover in Guadalajara, don’t stay cooped up in the terminal. Between listening to the city’s famous mariachi music to learning about the past, a day is plenty of time to dabble in the Guadalajaran culture.


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