Cheap nonstop flights to Malaysia or the Seychelles from only €395 (round-trip)

Still looking for the best price for a flight to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) or Mahe (The Seychelles)?
No problem, we have some for you! The flights are carried by Condor from Germany.
At the moment you can book cheap flights with Condor to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia or Mahe (the Seychelles). Cheap flights are available with departure from Frankfurt (Germany). The fares for round-trip flights are available from only €395 with Condor.

Travel dates for that fares are available between October to December 2018.

Sample dates:

  • Frankfurt – Kuala Lumpur – Frankfurt : 12 – 20 Nov, 24 Nov – 2 Dec, 3 – 11 Dec
  • Frankfurt – Mahe – Frankfurt : 2 – 10 Oct, 9 – 17 Oct, 16 – 24 Oct, 23 – 31 Oct

Sample ticket reservations:
Frankfurt – Kuala Lumpur – Frankfurt

Frankfurt – Mahe – Frankfur

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