Mount Kinabalu National Park – City Video Guide

Anyone with an interest in hiking or mountain climbing must embark on a Mount Kinabalu National Park tour. This Malaysian gem is visually stunning, and is also one of the most easily accessible peaks in the world.

Sightseeing in Mount Kinabalu National Park—known as the “Home of the Spirits” to the locals due to the ethereal, ghostlike mist that curls around the summit—will take you through multiple climatic zones. Hike through rainforests, look over a bed of clouds, watch the sunset from a sub-alpine meadow, and gaze over the park from the top of the summit, all in one day at Mount Kinabalu National Park. Moderately fit individuals can climb to the summit and back in two days, staying overnight at a lodge when you reach the top. When you awaken the next day, watch the sunrise from almost 2.5 miles above sea level—it’s a truly spectacular sight.

Those who aren’t keen on hiking up the mountainside can wander through the rainforest closer to ground level, learning about the vast ecosystem that has made Mount Kinabalu National Park such an important UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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