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These travel deal scanners will save you so much money and time of browsing the web.


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Choose Your Departure Airports, for the best flights deals for this airport.

You  want cheap flights departing your home city? Or just of the closest airports? Platinum members can choose an airports and we will setup a site special for this airport with the cheapesr flight deals.  You need just to mail us / contact us with your member-name and the airport name.
Example for Frankfurt a.M in Germany


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For platinum members we provide some extra features: When you book through one of our service partners, we can offer you a kick-back. When you book with us hotels, flights, cruises, car rental, airport transfers  (through these links:  hotels, flights, cruises, car rental, airport transfers) you can receive a valuable kick-back. Just contact us 5 days after the booking is made (We need your contact details, member username, hotel name or flight destination, city, and booking date).  And we can give you some money back after you return from your trip.



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