How to find the best flight deals

The flight can be one of the most expensive parts of your vacation, but we can give you a helping tool to save hundreds of bucks on your next flight.
The secret to find the best flight deals is just simple. You can use our Flight Deal Finder, which shows you the cheapest flight deals from most airports in Europe and some selected worldwide airports.
Getting a cheap flight is really about timing. Prices fluctuate heavily and often on all routes. Booking a flight today from Frankfurt to Bangkok could cost €550, but tomorrow it could be €300 on the same airline. These unannounced sales – when an airline suddenly drops its prices – are triggered because airlines release tickets 11 months in advance and predict what percentage of tickets will be sold as time moves on.

We have 2 option for you to find the best flight deals:

Option 1  is our automated flight deal finder, where you can find the cheapest flight deals from a selected airport.

Check out our cheapest flight deals from selected worldwide airports.

Óption 2:  On our Flight deal Finder You can filter results according to departure and return time frames, flight duration, one-way or return flights, see only non-stop flights or choose the airports that you prefer to get the best flight! Up to 8 cities, countries and airports can be entered into a single search query making it easier to find a flight deal that suits you.

Check out our Flight Deal finder and play arround, you will see very quick the amazing options.


How to use this fFight Deal Finder:

  • Enter the departure city you wish to fly from.  Also you can add some other airports near you that has the largest range of available routes
  • In the destination box, marked “To” type in “everywhere”. Or choose up to 8 differen destinations.
  • Select if you search for one-way or return flights.
  • Enter your search criteria: dates, number of passengers – the more flexible you can be in terms of dates of travel the more likely you are to find the cheapest round trip flights to anywhere. You do not need to include specific dates if you don’t know them or want to find the best dates to travel. Also you can select a date range or lenght of stay.
  • Click on search. You will then see a range of options for cheapest flights to anywhere. Delve into destinations you are interested in and you will be able to see specific deals available. You can load more, if you need more deals.


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