Fly to the Chinese Island of Hainan From UK cities from only £365 (round-trip)

This is your perfect opportunity to get yourself relaxed in Chinese Hawaii (Hainan Island)
You can book a ticket to visit this beautiful island from only £365 with departure from UK (London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Glasgow) with China Southern Airlines or SkyTeam Partner Airlines.

Hainan Island known for its tropical climate, beach resorts and forested, mountainous interior. The southern city of Sanya has many beaches that range from 22km-long Sanya Bay to crescent Yalong Bay and its luxury hotels. Outside Sanya, the hilly hiking trails of Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone pass over suspension bridges and by waterfalls.

Availabilities can be found from January to February 2018 for that fares.

Please note: Baggage allowances is 20 kg, but may vary according to route, code share regulations, frequent flyer status and cabin class; please check the exact baggage regulations printed on your ticket.

Example :

  • Birmingham – Sanya: 4th-15th Jan, 4th-16th Jan, 5th-15th Jan, 5th-16th Jan, 6th-15th Jan, 7th-16th Jan, 8th-20th Jan, 8th-21st Jan, 9th-20th Jan, 9th-21st Jan, 9th-22nd Jan, 10th-20th Jan, 10th-21st Jan, 10th-22nd Jan, 10th-23rd Jan, 20th-30th Jan, 20th-31st Jan, 20th Jan – 1st Feb
  • Manchester – Sanya: 4th-16th Jan, 4th-17th Jan, 5th-16th Jan, 5th-17th Jan, 5th-18th Jan, 6th-16th Jan, 6th-17th Jan, 6th-18th Jan, 7th-16th Jan, 7th-17th Jan, 7th-18th Jan, 7th-20th Jan, 8th-17th Jan, 8th-20th Jan, 8th-21st Jan, 9th-20th Jan, 9th-21st Jan, 10th-20th Jan, 10th-21st Jan, 10th-23rd Jan, 20th-31st Jan
  • London – Sanya: 9th-18th Jan, 10th-23rd Jan, 11th-21st Jan, 11th-22nd Jan, 11th-23rd Jan, 11th-24th Jan, 12th-21st Jan, 12th-22nd Jan, 12th-23rd Jan, 12th-24th Jan, 13th-22nd Jan, 13th-23rd Jan, 13th-24th Jan, 16th-28th Jan, 18th-28th Jan, 18th-31st Jan, 22nd-31st Jan
  • Glasgow – Sanya:4th-16th Jan, 4th-17th Jan, 5th-16th Jan, 5th-17th Jan, 6th-16th Jan, 6th-17th Jan, 7th-16th Jan, 7th-17th Jan, 8th-17th Jan, 8th-21st Jan, 9th-20th Jan, 9th-21st Jan, 10th-21st Jan, 10th-23rd Jan, 20th-31st Jan

Sample ticket reservations :
Glasgow – Sanya – Glasgow

London – Sanya – London

Manchester – Sanya – Manchester

Birmingham – Sanya – Birmingham

Please insert in the flight search box the dates, departure city and destination like above to get the best price. Please note: Prices and availability may change very fast.

Sanya, a city on the southern end of China’s Hainan Island, has several bays with large beach resorts. Yalong Bay is known for upscale hotels, while Wuzhizhou Island and its coral reefs are destinations for scuba diving, surfing and other water sports. At the city’s expansive Nanshan Temple complex, a 108m-high Guan Yin bronze statue rises on an artificial island.

Hotels in Sanya :

Sanya Hotel Deals :

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