In BUSINESS CLASS with Swiss from Europe to Miami (USA) for € 1634 (round trip)

The Swiss Business Class trick !!   If you have to fly from Switzerland, Germany (or South Europe) to USA you should check the fares with departure from Milan (Italy). The fares are often more than 50% cheaper ! And Milan is only 3 hours by car ot train from Zuerich away.  One-way flights with Swiss from Zuerich to Milan start allready at CHF 79.
EG:  We found cheap business class tickets with Swiss from Milan to Miami USA for only € 1634 (round trip). 
While the same long hault flights from Zuerich cost you more than double !
The trick to start from Milan save you more than 50 %  /  like  2000 Euro.   In First Class you could save even more than 50%.

Importaint:  You have to start from Milan to get this price.   It is only a short stop im Zuerich.
Some travelers told us: on the return flight you could sometimes check-in the luggage only till Zuerich and get off in Zuerich.

Availabilities can be found from June till March 2018.
Check-in luggage up to 40 kg is inclusive.

Also possible are BUSINESS CLASS flights with Lufthansa via Frankfurt or Austrian Airways via Vienna for nearly the same price to Miami.

Example, in Business Class, fom Milan to Miami for only € 1634:

While from Zuerich you have to pay 4502 CHF:

This is very expensive! So, if you start from Milan  you could save more than 2250 Euro.  Not bad !?


Please insert in the flight search box the dates, departure city and destination like above to get the best price. Please note: Prices and availability may change very fast.

Swiss Business Class, lie flat seat.


With the trick to start from Milan (Malpensa) it will save you more than 2200 CHF in BUSINESS CLASS, and in FIRST CLASS you will save more than CHF 8000.
So you should think about a start im Milan.

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