British Airways FIRST CLASS flights to Honolulu from Gothenburg from only € 2.298 (round-trip)

WOW!! Take a look what we have found !!  At the moment you can book very cheap FIRST CLASS flights from Sweden (Gotheburg) to Hawaii (Honolulu) from only € 2298 (Round-Trip). Fly in your your own private, spacious FIRST CLASS suite!
British Airways offers at the moment crazy cheap FIRST CLASS flights from Gothenburg (Sweden) to Honolulu (Hawaii) from only € 2.298 round-trip.

Availability from February to April 2018 for that special prices.

Example : 19th-27th Feb,20th Feb – 1st Mar, 21st Feb – 1st Mar, 26th Feb – 6th Mar, 26th Feb – 7th Mar, 27th Feb – 7th Mar, 27th Feb – 8th Mar, 28th Feb – 8th Mar, 5th-13th Mar, 5th-14th Mar, 6th-15th Mar, 7th-15th Mar, 12th-20th Mar, 12th-21st Mar, 13th-21st Mar, 13th-22nd Mar, 14th-22nd Mar, 19th-27th Mar, 19th-28th Mar, 20th-28th Mar, 20th-29th Mar, 21st-29th Mar, 26th Mar – 4th Apr, 27th Mar – 4th Apr

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Fly First Class ! This is your ticket to exceptional comfort and impeccable service in our most elegant surroundings.
It’s best way to travel:

  • your own private, spacious suite
  • a fully flat bed with mattress and duvet
  • delicious and indulgent dining
  • access to luxurious lounges and spa treatments
  • exclusive and attentive service
  • and more

Your First suite in British Airways is a haven of style and comfort where sophisticated and contemporary British design meet impeccable service and attention to detail.



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