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US Classics

Even though it might seem familiar to you, I highly recommend visiting the US. West Coast.

I loved the scenic drive from San Francisco north towards Oregon. Enjoy many small boutique hotels directly along the coastline, see the enormous Redwood Trees and if you're motivated move along through Washington State up to Vancouver. It is absolutely true that I spent one of the most romantic nights in my life in a hotel just above the cliffs, hearing the water clash against the rocks whilst sitting at an open chimney holding a glass of wine and enjoying the night with my girlfriend.
=> Fly to San Francisco and back from Vancouver.


My second choice would be flying to San Francisco, driving south along Highway No.1.

Monterey, Big Sur, Santa Barbara - just to mention a few of the gorgious cities along the way.
Strive Malibu beach, dive into Los Angeles where you must see the John Paul Ghetty Museum - free of charge! We then continued to San Diego, drove through Joshua Tree National Park, went to Grand Canyon - a must-see! - and further to Las Vegas. From there, cross Death Valley (truly amazing) and go hiking in Yosemity National Park. From there, San Francisco is close and you can finalise your trip by some pretty impressive sightseeing in the bay area (e.g. Alcatraz, Berkely University, Golden Gate Bridge, the see lions at the pier etc.).

=> Fly to San Francisco and return from there - also doable from L.A.